The Signature Edition of "The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali"  

With the Essence of Vyasya's Commentary edited and translated by Siddhartha Krishna and Acarya Vidyabhaskar | Size 358x280mm

Yoga is the most ancient science which has been taught for thousands of years. Maharishi Patanjali systematised and organised it by formulating 196 aphorisms, which are called the Yoga-Sutras. The Yoga-Sutras of Patanjali is a magnificent text of immense historical value. It describes the power of the human mind when it has achieved complete stillness. Patanjali describes the entire philosophy of yoga in the Yoga-Sutras.

A tribute to Maharishi Patanjali

Maharishi Patanjali stands out as one of the mightiest trees of wisdom to have emerged from the fertile soil of ancient India’s traditions. The traditional view that the historical Maharishi Patanjali made a three-fold contribution to humanity: His teachings on Yoga contributed to the purification of the mind, his work on grammar to the purification of speech and his work on medicine to the purification of the body.

Composed thousands of years ago, this work is the foundation of India’s greatest legacy: the practice of Yoga

This masterpiece has been crafted with the world's most precious eco-friendly materials. To preserve for generations, this special edition is printed on the finest paper sourced from the Sustainable European forests which is FSC certified and acid free. The entire edition is printed with environment friendly vegetable inks made of natural ingredients from Japan. The golden gilded fore-edges and the metal corners of this premium edition add a touch of class.

The antique wooden reading stand

To enrich the reading experience the antique wooden reading stand designed and crafted with exquisite craftsmanship can be folded and rotated to suit one's reading comfort and it rests on smoothly carved metal legs.

Premium wooden gift box

This masterpiece edition comes with an exclusive antique styled wooden gift box adorned with Swarovski crystals and attractive metal lock.

Traditionally rich artworks

The illustrations created and used in this edition of the Yoga-Sūtras of Patañjali have been greatly inspired by the traditional Tibetan temple paintings and the rich artworks crafted on the walls and architecture of the ancient Indian temples like Chidambaram, Brihadeeswara temples etc.

Book marker

The edition comes with a beautiful laser engraved metal bookmarker with a tassel.

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