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Children of Women in Prison:
In Support of Blamelessness by Blessedness

With the help of her Yoga Students, Usha Devi has undertaken a new project at the largest long-term jail in Uttaranchal. In her words . . .

In India the young children of imprisoned mothers have to live with them in jail till the age of five; which means they are "in custody" with their mothers for five years. After these five years these innocent children, whose mother are sentence for their life-long terms, have to leave their mothers. Therefore, in addition to the daily traumatic experience of living in a prison, most of these children will never get family support (neither financial nor emotional) after the age of five when they have to leave their mothers, or even after their mothers are released. Therefore, long-term care and guidance for boys and girls of imprisoned mothers is an issue that ought to be addressed seriously in local jails.

By the order of the Supreme Court of India, a "Crèche" or Day Nursery for infants and young children of women prisoners must be established in each Indian jail. Now, thanks to our Yoga Students, we have been able to establish such a Crèche in the Haridwar Jail, the largest long-term jail in the state of Uttaranchal. At present, there are three children living in the jail. Their mothers have to remain there for a life-long sentence. Our goal is to provide these children with education and other necessities that are required for a normal daily life during this time. Therefore recently toys, coloring books and warm clothing were bought for them. Thanks to our sponsors, all the 3 children, Prince, Chandni and Gulafsa are going to school.

We are also trying to find sponsors to help with the continuing care of these children. Such care is very essential for the normal development and evolvement of their blossoming lives, which in turn is critical for them to succeed as individuals in their future and will help them to integrate in today's modern society. For this purpose, we earnestly ask you to make a contribution "to support blamelessness by blessedness" in the following ways:

On the Path to Enlightenment: Prince on his first day
to school with his school bag and water bottle

The Girl Gulafsa

Additional ways that you can help us: 

We are always very thankful to receive children's warm clothes and toys, even used toys that are still in good condition; we deliver these goods directly to the children. If you want to donate toys or clothes, please contact Usha Devi personally. We are always looking for more toys, teaching aids, and games for the children and welcome your contribution for this purpose.


Sadly, the girl Chandni turned five recently, so she had to leave her mother. As per the law, children can only live with their mothers in prison till they turn five. After that they have to go back home. However, since there was no body to take care of the girl at home, she has been sent to a state-run orphanage in Nainital. We hope that we can extend our support to her now and even in future, as we could do till now. It would be sad if we can't!

To help her in obtaining better education for a better future we need more sponsorship.

As a future goal; we want to ensure constant care for all the children even after they leave the prison. If you have the available resources, please contact us for further details.

Tihar Jail: Delhi

Tihar Jail is the largest prison in Asia; this prison program assists the rehabilitation of women inmates at this location. This "Weaving Behind Bars" venture allows women inmates an opportunity to express their creativity by providing them with training in the arts of weaving, sewing beautiful soft toys and stuffed animals, and by candle-making.

These beautiful finished products are available for purchase at the Omkarananda Ganga Sadan Gift Shop. Sale of these gift items assists the women with much-needed income; these products are also marketed worldwide by another foundation. After release, many women are able to find work using their handicraft skills and selling their products; more than 350 women have benefited from this project so far.

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